Deep Water Exercises

When patients or low-level students first begin rehab or exercise in water, they may not be able to put much weight on a sore ankle, knee, foot, or back.  That’s where deep-water exercises come in handy.  Although some of the exercises can be done very easily, others are more challenging, like Superman, Rock and Roll, and the Arrow.  In between are more moderate exercises that most people can do such as Abdominals, Bent-Knee Twist, V-Kicks, and Straight-Leg Twists.

It’s a full slate of exercises for all parts of the body.  In an exercise class that takes place strictly in deep water, you will probably use all of the exercises in this category.  For physical therapy, you would select the exercises that are appropriate for that specific patient.

As Lynda described in the video above, there was a long history to building this repertoire of deep-water exercises.  Although these exercises were first directed toward fitness, it became obvious that specific exercises worked well with certain physical conditions.  The versatility of these deep-water exercises will become obvious to you as you learn them.

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