Featured Exercise: Leg Swings

Leg Swings are my favorite exercise because I get to use both arms and both legs, and both sets of gluteal muscles doing it. It’s a big, bold, powerful movement that I can make harder if I want simply by pushing harder against the resistance of the water. I can take it easy, or I can really push if I’ve got lots of energy.

If you’re teaching a group water exercise class, save this exercise until everyone in the class is doing your basic exercises well. Then introduce it to them as a next level of difficulty.  If you’re working with clients in home pools, you can use this to challenge the higher level people you see. In aquatic therapy, this can be one of the last exercises you give your competitive or recreational athletes before returning them to their sport. It’s fun. It builds strength and coordination.

See the whole video in Lesson 6 of Lynda Huey’s Aquatic Rehab Online Course (AROC).

Leg Swings, Forward

Leg Swings, Back

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