Featured Exercise: Rock and Roll

Watch this video to learn Rock and Roll.


• Develops core strength, coordination and balance
• Good for people with back, hip, and knee pain or problems, because it strengthens the muscles around those joints without any impact
• Improves range of motion for those with shoulder limitations
• It’s FUN – it makes people smile!


Randel is the woman on the right with her hair in a knot on the top of her head. Watch her instead of the man in front with the blue buoys. He’s making the most common mistake people will make, which is to keep their arms straight as they go forward. BEND the elbows on the Roll forward and BEND them also on the Rock backward.

When people don’t have enough core strength to do this exercise at first, they will often push the buoys down beneath the surface of the water. That defeats the core work by using the arms and chest muscles. Watch Randel as she demonstrates that common mistake while Lynda is explaining it. Keep the arms on the surface of the water, and if anyone gets “stuck” as they try to Roll forward, drop the buttocks down first, bend the elbows and then easily Roll forward.

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