Starting Deep Water Intervals

When teaching Deep-Water Intervals to your patients, clients, or students, you may find that some of them need to start at the very beginning.  The more capable people can put on a flotation belt and begin deep-water running and walking right away, but others will need to start at the side of the pool and learn how to move their legs before they turn into open water and coordinate the entire body.  This video will show you the tried and true method Lynda has developed over three decades.  In watching the video, you will first see the leg action of Powerwalk, Flies, and then Running.  Running is taught last, because it can be the most problematic.

As with all water exercise, the movements can be performed slowly and gently or done more quickly with more force.  Those who start at the side of the pool will move slowly at first, letting their bodies adjust to the new demands of the exercises.  As they learn the technique of each skill, they’ll also develop more strength and naturally begin to pick up the pace.  The faster they move, the more water resistance they encounter, and the harder the muscles have to work.  This will all happen naturally.  There’s no magic – all they have to do is show up regularly and do the work.  And all you had to do was teach them good form.

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