Lynda Huey, world-renowned aquatic rehab educator, brings aquatic rehab to life online in a twelve-lesson course that teaches her basic exercises and techniques.

Lynda Huey, world-renowned aquatic rehab educator, brings aquatic rehab to life online in a twelve-lesson course that teaches her basic exercises and techniques.

Lynda Huey, world-renowned aquatic rehab educator, brings aquatic rehab to life online in a twelve-lesson course that teaches her basic exercises and techniques.

Established Author

Established Author

Established Author

Lynda Huey, author of the bestselling book The Complete Waterpower Workout Book, has been teaching her methods to thousands of coaches, therapists, athletes, and doctors around the world for over 30 years. 
As a trusted authority on water exercise and rehabilitation, her books on the subject are considered the foundation of aquatic therapy world-wide. Lynda’s workshops show water exercise instructors, water rehab specialists, and aquatic physical therapists how to improve their teaching and provide enriched experiences for their students, clients, and patients.  At the same time, participants learning these tried-and-true methods improve their own personal pool workouts. Intensive training with Lynda was previously available only to practitioners in her physical therapy clinic in Los Angeles or in organized workshops, but now this course is available to you online!

Heal Your Hips Book
Heal Your Knees Book
Waterpower Workout Book

NOW Available Online

Start Achieving Your Goals Today

NOW Available Online

Start Achieving Your Goals Today

NOW Available Online

Start Achieving Your Goals Today

1.6 CEUs from the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA)

12 CEUs from the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute (ATRI)

12 CECs from the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA)

As a graduate of this course, you will enhance your teaching ability and always be able to appropriately challenge your students, clients, and patients so they do just the right techniques at the right effort level – never too much or too little. Thus they will achieve great gains and feel as safely guided in your class or pool session as they would in Lynda’s. 

If you want to be a world-class water exercise or water rehab professional, learning Lynda’s basic exercises and techniques is a MUST.

Grasping the essential concepts that Lynda imparts will keep your pool full of students and your schedule full of clients and patients. Whatever the question, Lynda has a simple, straightforward answer that makes things fun and fulfilling while providing information and movements that are exactly what is needed. 

If you want to be a world-class water exercise or water rehab professional, learning Lynda’s basic exercises and techniques is a MUST.

Grasping the essential concepts that Lynda imparts will keep your pool full of students and your schedule full of clients and patients. Whatever the question, Lynda has a simple, straightforward answer that makes things fun and fulfilling while providing information and movements that are exactly what is needed. 

Never feel at a loss again when a client or patient presents a new condition to you! 

Lynda has seen it all and has already figured it out.  Why re-invent the wheel when Lynda has the answers you’ve been seeking?

Respected by orthopedic surgeons…

“In the three decades I’ve been an orthopedic surgeon, there’s been only one pool program that I’ve recommended for my patients to try in order to prevent or postpone surgery, and that is Lynda Huey’s pool program.  If patients eventually do need surgery, I have them prehab with her to get strong before surgery, then use her effective post-operative rehab program.
The physical  benefits don’t come just from the water and its buoyancy and its mysterious effects on balance and proprioception, but they also depend on the quality of the water program itself.
If I were going to learn an aquatic rehab program, I would want to learn Lynda’s!
Lynda’s success comes from her passion for the advanced techniques she creates and the sixth sense she has developed over three decades of learning from each and every patient.”
Robert Klapper, M.D.

Chief of Orthopedic Surgery

Cedars-Sinai Medical Group

Los Angeles, CA

In Lynda Huey’s 12-lesson Aquatic Rehab Online Course, you will discover:

  • How to identify faulty hip movement in one simple test.

  • The best way to stay in shape without any impact whatsoever.

  • What to look for during high-intensity pool training to know when to back off.

  • A moving stretch that lets those with a torn meniscus regain full knee range of motion.

  • Lynda’s top tips for individualizing student experiences in your group classes.

  • The sure-fire manual technique for teaching correct leg action on deep-water running.

  • Four Power Kicks to increase strength and four Speed Kicks to enhance speed.

  • “Wiltie Spins,” an advanced athletic move created by NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain.

  • The progression from easiest to hardest exercises in each of the exercise categories.

  • A hamstring stretch variation for runners and one for yoga enthusiasts.

  • How to teach shallow-water running and conduct interval training for athletes.

  • The ultimate core exercise using resistance bells.

  • A moving stretch that addresses the low back, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and big toe.

  • Movement precautions for the newest hip diagnosis, femoroacetabular impingement.

  • A FUN running and jumping program that makes everyone smile.

  • How to treat up to three patients at a time, and do it well, in these days of greatly-reduced insurance reimbursements.

Here’s what people have to say about learning aquatic rehab from Lynda

Tonie Campbell
“Lynda is the forerunner of water aerobics. Always on the cutting edge, her expertise, passion and forward thinking enabled me to incorporate aquatic exercise into my training routine which I can say directly assisted me to not only becoming a three time USA Olympian and Olympic medalist but maintaining my track and field Top-Ten World ranking for eleven consecutive years in the 1980’s and 90’s. In later years, I hung up my spikes and took my place amongst the coaching world and have continued to use the techniques that Lynda Huey taught me as an athlete thus sharing this knowledge and beneficial training aide with the next generation of athletic super-stars and those dedicated to fitness for life. Thank you Lynda, you’re a rock star!”
Tonie Campbell, American Olympic bronze medalist and Aquatic Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Tanya Luck
“Some years ago Lynda Huey blew us out of the water ( literally ) with her deep water training technique series. Since this memorable experience we have referred our AquaWellBeing candidates to her literature for top reference on how to safely and effectively manage rehabilitation needs with their Clients. Her great learning resources are promoted on all our Instructor training courses. There is very little information on water specific rehabilitation being taught within the Universities for the Aquatic exercise Professionals and her books are well researched, clearly concise and beautifully illustrated.
We are hoping she will visit Australia once more yet meanwhile are so thrilled that there are now finally online courses available to motivate our candidates and in return improve options being provided by Aquatic Exercise Professionals in Australia.”
Tanja Luck, Aquatic Exercise Instructor, Perth, Australia

Learning is easy in this course….

Because this course offers dozens of beautiful pool photos and 10 professionally-shot videos, students will easily be able to learn the material and put it to practical use immediately.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Aquatic Rehab
Aquatic Rehab
Aquatic Rehab
Aquatic Rehab
Aquatic Rehab
Aquatic Rehab

Create a Textbook of basic aquatic exercise and rehab principles in 12 Lessons.

We will send you links to download the cover and each lesson as you proceed. To make these materials personal to your learning experience, fill your binder with class notes, observations, and reminders of key moments when you gained insight. Your own notes will remind you of the things you considered most important and you’ll be able to see them at a glance.

The course focuses on learning approximately 100 exercises and techniques plus the fundamental principles on how to choose the correct exercises and progressing people at the appropriate pace.

Each of the lessons looks in-depth at a category of exercises that make up Lynda Huey’s aquatic rehab program.  They are:

  • Deep-Water Intervals
  • Stretches
  • Deep-Water Exercises
  • Kicking Series
  • Impact Exercises and Shallow-Water Running
  • Lower Body Exercises
  • Upper Body Exercises
  • Cervical Range of Motion and Traction
  • Lower Extremity and Lumbar Distraction
  • Advanced Special Exercises: Floating Squats and Tethered Push-Offs

Besides the ten lessons that offer video of Lynda teaching an in-service on that topic to her staff, there are two lessons without full-length videos:

  • Introduction: The Roots of Aquatic Therapy
  • Tips from Lynda
    • Keeping everyone safe and challenged in group aquatic exercise classes
    • Providing excellent aquatic therapy sessions for up three patients at once
    • Lynda’s Teaching Tips and Progression Principles

Here’s what graduates of the course have to say about Lynda Huey’s Aquatic Rehab Online Course:

“I would recommend this course to my therapy friends who are interested in adding the water setting to their rehab options. I personally took the course, as I felt it added onto my experiences and accountability to my profession. I am a member of AEA and ATRI, retired PTA, I believe in continuing to expand my “toolbox” by education, participation in others classes and just “playing in the pool”
I was able to use this course to assist with my own growth, obtaining confidence in leading a class, and helping with my own rehab for the LE injury. Thank you for your mentoring.”
Mary Anselmo, Naperville, IL

“What a wonderful course! Lynda’s explanations through-out every lesson, are clear and well detailed, and leave no room for doubt or unclarity. Lynda’s knowledge shines through every video, and the course has been well thought out from start to finish. I feel honoured to be certified and trained in Lynda Huey’s Aquatic Rehab techniques!”

“I thought this was a great class and I have been taking classes for CEC’s for 12 years and this was the best one presented online that I have taken. It was very concise and Lynda’s responses was always so helpful. I still would like to take a class in person with Lynda. I would like to receive the newsletter to know where her future classes will be. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. ”
Peggy Smith, Staunton, VA

Rose Harzenberg
“Yippeee yayyyy! I feel so proud of myself for not only completing my first on line course but also how much I have learnt in navigating my way around the computer. I am a little sad the course is finished as I so enjoyed it, but I’m also so happy as I take all this knowledge forward to help many. Thank you for all your advice that you have shared through the course. Thanks for answering my many questions with clear details. My students gave me a standing ovation after I taught them some of your exercises. Your online course is helping us all!”
Rose Harzenberg, Gonubie, South Africa

Helena Vanelli
“I am a trained dance teacher and I have been teaching fitness and wellness sessions for the past 18 years. My passion for this field has encouraged my learning to deepen my knowledge required, to achieve results.
Therefore, it is through this experience that I have gained training and expertise. A continuous desire to want to learn more led me to Lynda Huey’s Aquatic rehabilitation course.
My experience of water –aquatic rehabilitation, confirmed the fact that our bodies are a lot more equipped to heal and reverse chronic ailments, than we are led to believe.
Lynda’s course put everything into perspective for me. Her course reflects her inherent teaching skills/gift. Her experience working with elite athletes is invaluable and her vibrant and patient characteristics made this experience highly enjoyable for me.
The passion that she has is transmitted through her consistent commitment and care, making this feel like a personal tutorial. Therefore, my journey with Lynda felt very personal and supportive. Nothing like one would expect from an online course.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for aquatic exercises/rehabilitation, irrelevant of experience or knowledge.
I thank you Lynda for this invaluable learning experience.”
Helena Vanelli, Cypress, Greece

Vanessa Guzzardi
“Learning from a pioneer in water training and therapy has been by far one of the most fulfilling experiences I had this year. Her passion and knowledge are wonderful motivating tools for other instructors. This on line program is complete, clear, concise, and resourceful. The videos are the perfect complement to it. I would definitely recommend other instructors and therapists to take it. It is worth it!
Thank you Lynda for every single comment. I felt as if I really had met you in person. In fact, I can’t wait to do so.”
Vanessa Guzzardi, West Hartford, CT

Ines Tamara
“Lynda, thanks for the course, and for the comments. I learned a lot, enjoyed and practice almost every day. I hope go to L.A. and take water-rehabilitation practice. I felt all the time that you where near me, your response were always very fast.
Thanks for your patience reading my homework in spanish-english. Big hug”
Ines Tamara, Colombia

Vanessa Guzzardi
“I loved the course! To end the course, I would like to see a video of a complete program all the way through. That may not be possible; I thought that would just be the ‘icing on the cake’ of an already wonderful experience.
Thank you for being so flexible and thorough. I enjoyed this course, the personal interactions with you and this entire experience. Thank you!”
Christine Reyna , Katy, TX

Vanessa Guzzardi
“It was a great program and I did tell people about the course and what I went through to make my self a better aqua instructor. So much of the program you can use in your every day aqua classes. Thank you Lynda for all your guidance input and for sharing with me your knowledge. You are an asset to this field that is growing by leaps and bounds. It for sure is becoming more and more demanding as our population is growing older. What you have to offer I cant imagine doing it any other way. You started this back in the 80s and 3 decades later look what you have done and where you have taken aqua to. Another dimension.”
Lyn Lebowitz, Manhasset, NY

Hortensia Aguirre
“I didn’t want to finish the course!!!!! I have enjoyed your course greatly and I will continue to do so. In fact, I will go over it all over again. I hope I can get to interact with you sometime in California as I have always wanted to get there. I look forward on working with professional athletes as so far I have been exposed to highly injured or handicapped people which I also love. I admire your trajectory and I am very lucky that I can be part of it. The course is phenomenal and I highly recommend it. Your enthusiasm is key and it has been great. Thank you so much for being a great teacher, example and human being.”
Hortensia Aguirre, Miami, FL

Mercedes Saghini
“I learned a lot from this course. Lots of great techniques to help people with all kind of injuries. .Most of my students I teach are mature ladies that doctors send them to the pool to heal. I feel like I know a lot now…and that makes me feel good being able to hel others. That is a great feeling because I love to teach.
It was a wonderful course with a wonderful Mentor,Lynda. ….Enjoy it all!!”
Mercedes Saghini, Atlanta, GA

Lou Moore
“I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone in the field. It is one of the best certs I have ever taken. It met my expectations and my needs. The text book was useful for learning and review. I like the idea that Lynda used research to support key concepts and recommendations, but did not overdo it. Occasionally, this is overdone and makes a book hard to read. The best advantage was that Lynda wrote the text book in the first person including all of her wisdom and experience that many times is not in the professional literature. The videos were professional and well done. I also like how Lynda provided her insider tips and ways of leading various exercises. Thank you, Lynda!!”
Louis Moore, MS, CPRP
Houston Parks and Recreation Department
Recreation and Wellness Division / Athletic & Aquatic Services

Scott Forrest-Allen
This has been a great experience for me. I have enjoyed aqua aerobics for some time, so when I decided to obtain a certificate to teach, I knew that this would be the correct course for me.
At the beginning of the lessons, I had my heart set on becoming an aqua aerobics instructor, and I still do, but I have enjoyed learning beyond that. I have become educated on how to safely and effectively perform aqua therapy in both a fun and professional manner.
I am going to love being a water exercise expert.
The textbook and homework assignments have allowed me to think and write differently. As the questions progressed and became more complex, I was in awe at how I segued out of writing essay answers into composing progress reports. I loved how my thought process and approach to teaching changed and involved along the way because I was learning subject material that I had never considered.
It has been rewarding learning how to apply and practice techniques and methods on my current students and how to prepare for classes and one-on-one sessions.
The feedback and comments from Lynda Huey have provided me with the confidence I was seeking, especially when she told me to clarify and/or expand on an answer or certain topic.
I began to think like an instructor almost immediately. I started looking into possibilities and opportunities at local YMCAs and rehab centers, and I am happy to report that the feedback is positive and enthusiastic. My students have been looking forward to me being certified so I can reinstate water aerobics classes at the YMCA, which has been dormant since our previous instructor left. Representatives at other locations and pools have been encouraging me to fill out applications and submit resumes upon completion of the course.
I’ve been considering writing an instructional book on aqua aerobics and/or aqua therapy, and this course has offered me the proper foundation.
Thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to remaining in contact with Lynda Huey.”
Scott Forrest-Allen

Lisa Garrity
“This program has made me a much better aquatic fitness professional. I have been able to integrate almost all of this material into my current classes. I also have personal training clients that have benefitted from this material as well as using the information from both of your Heal Your Knees and Hips books. One of my clients just had her 2nd hip replaced and the PT’s working with her were amazed with her level of fitness and her ability to move immediately after the surgery. She attributes this all to the work she did in the pool before the surgery. 
Thank you again. Will definitely send more Fit pros to you!”
Lisa Garrity, San Diego

World-Wide Network of Elite Practitioners

Besides gaining enhanced teaching skills, you will become part of a world-wide network of elite practitioners who are certified to offer Lynda’s program. Once you receive your Certificate of Completion, you will be added to her list of certified aquatic rehab specialists.  Requests for Lynda’s program come from all over the world, and we are eager to have you as someone to whom we can refer these people. Depending on whether you work as a water exercise instructor, a home pool rehab specialist, or an aquatic physical therapist, you will be eligible to receive our referrals of students, clients, or patients.

Here’s what’s included in your registration for Lynda Huey’s Aquatic Rehab Course:

  • 12 lessons that cover the basic exercises and concepts within Lynda Huey’s aquatic rehab program.
  • BONUS of six advanced special exercises and techniques explained both in the text of the lesson and on video.
  • Streaming and downloadable video files of each lesson.
  • PDFs of the text of each lesson to download, print, and put into your binder.
  • PDF cover for the binder to download and print.
  • Homework to help you learn to think with the new material and apply it to your students, clients, or patients.
  • One free Waterpower Workout Class in Lynda’s pool if you visit Los Angeles. 18 classes available per week.
  • One free aquatic rehab session in Lynda’s pool if you visit Los Angeles. Time to be scheduled in advance.
  • Certificate of Completion. 
  • 1.6 CEUs from the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA).
  • 12 CEUs from the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute (ATRI).
  • 12 CECs from the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA).

Here’s what people have to say about learning aquatic rehab from Lynda

Katey Eisenstein
“The course was very detailed and is suitable for all levels of knowledge. It is appropriate for those with no knowledge of aquatic therapy but can also provide new knowledge to those with experience in aquatic therapy.”
Katey Eisenstein, DPT
Physical therapist
Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay Fujinaka
“The aquatic program can be utilized for all levels ranging from orthopedic, neurological, and for athletes at any level. Following my completion of the aquatic rehab program, I am confident in my ability to treat all types of patients with this alternative program geared at reducing pain while building strength and function. The program is well balanced with clear instructions and concise messaging.”
Lindsay Graham, DPT
Physical therapist
Palo Alto, CA

Jessica Bufete
“When I started doing pool therapy, I had no prior aquatic rehab experience. Lynda Huey taught me her aquatic rehab program including exercises for all ability levels, injuries, and stages of rehab. She is particularly good at teaching effective cuing for correcting common mistakes and achieving proper form, offering modifications for exercises that might be painful or too difficult, and safe progressions. As a physical therapist I have used Lynda Huey’s program effectively in treating hundreds of patients with a variety of diagnoses. I would encourage anyone to give aquatic rehabilitation a try and to trust in the success of Lynda’s program.”
Jessica Bufete, DPT
Physical therapist
Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed timeline for the course. You can sign up whenever you want, read the text, watch the videos and ask Lynda questions and get answers on your own time. You can finish the homework whenever it fits into your schedule. We have made this course as flexible as possible because there are students from all over the globe, and there’s really not a one-size-fits-all structure.

If you wish to have immediate and ongoing access to Lynda with your questions, you can upgrade to the Full Price Model, click here.

If you try the course and it’s not right for you, just let us know within 24 hours of your enrollment and you’ll receive a full refund.  If you don’t learn a new point of view about aquatic exercise and rehab and how to teach and help your students, you get 100% of your money back, guaranteed.

As mentioned above, you can go through the course at your own pace. At the end of the text for each lesson you will find six homework questions. We recommend that you view the video (Lessons 2-11) before answering the questions.

A computer and an internet connection. You will be either streaming or downloading the videos, so we’ve found it to be most efficient if you have access to a solid high-bandwidth connection.  You can still take the course if you don’t have that yourself, but it may mean going someplace with a faster connection to download, then watching the video later at home. We can help you solve this if you ask for our assistance.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Here’s what people have to say about learning aquatic rehab from Lynda

“I have done trainings in the pool with Lynda, where she stresses not only the importance of proper form, but the theory behind each of the programs she has created. In addition, I have attended several in-services that Lynda has held, where she both re-trains already learned exercises and introduces new additions to previously established programs. I have taken Lynda’s teachings and applied them to the rehab I do with my own clients. Lynda’s program offers a unique approach to rehabilitation, one which allows people the opportunity to strengthen muscles, regain range of motion and return to their prior level of function.”
Jen Michel, Aquatic Rehab Specialist, Los Angeles, CA

“I found Lynda Huey’s online Aquatic-Rehabilitation Course to be exceptional for the range and depth of the content, and the constructive and personal input working through the course. The course content is comprehensive and immediately usable for a full range of aquatic-rehabilitative applications. Also included are additional resources that add another level of information and research to the course. Lynda is an experienced professional who has put together an excellent training course. Highly Recommended!”
Bruce Anderson, Oregon

Still not sure if Lynda Huey’s Aquatic Rehab Online Course is right for you?

Here’s an email we just received from an aquatic exercise instructor who was trained by Lynda Huey:

I wanted to learn from Lynda Huey because of her excellent reputation as a water exercise instructor. My goal was to become a better instructor and learn from someone who knew how to work with a group but also individualize students’ programs depending on injuries or conditions some of them might have. She told me everyone who comes into the pool can always do something. We have to work around the aches or pains they may have. I needed to learn who could do what and what they shouldn’t do, and she always had specific, clear advice for me. 
Lynda always has good examples of different ways to instruct something to make it understood by everyone. She taught me to look at the students and see if they’re getting it. She taught me to always ask my students how they feel, coach them on good form, and once their form is good, speed up to a higher intensity.  I could always review my notes from the training, refer to her book The Complete Waterpower Workout Book and her DVD if I wanted to understand a specific exercise better. I still re-read the book to remind myself how Lynda talks about water training in general or about certain exercises, and then I’ll say that same thing to my class.
Lynda also taught me some very big and invaluable things about running a class – and they all WORK. I became a more confident instructor thanks to Lynda Huey.  Now I know I am teaching a high-quality class. And the classes just keep growing in size! 
Elaine Williams
Water exercise instructor
Group classes and private home pool sessions


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Don’t worry if you’re still not sure.  If you try the course and it’s not right for you, just let us know within 24 hours of your enrollment and you’ll receive a full refund.
If you don’t learn a new point of view about aquatic exercise and rehab and how to teach and help your students, you get 100% of your money back, guaranteed. Fair enough?

Just $30 per month, cancel your subscription at any time.